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Body Treatments

New shrinking VIOLET/Mini Me body treatment

Introductory offer at Aqua Beauty – €75 for a single course or order a course of 6 for just €375 and receive one session FREE!

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Treat Your Body

Endermologie Cellulite Treatment: 30 mins €70, course of 10 €550 Read more >

Relax Your Body


Back, neck and shoulder massage: 30 min €40

Full Body Massage: 1 hour €70. This should send you into deep relaxation as we massage you from head to toe, with the added bonus of a face-and-scalp massage.massage-therapy

Aromatherapy Massage: 1 hour €75. The fragrant healing properties of the oils are released during the massage and absorbed by the skin during a total face, scalp and body massage.

The “mum-to-be” massage: €75. Hydrotherm – a specialist massage for mums-to-be. After four months of pregnancy our trained therapists will help to pamper you. Our warm water cushions support your body, as you are massaged with suitable oils to reduce stress and tension. Suitable for all clients.

Hot Stone Massage: 1 hour €90, 1 hour 15 mins €90

Complimentary Health


Reflexology: 45 min €65 (course of 3 for €180). Truly relaxing therapeutic foot massage, working on the reflex parts of the foot which correspond to every part of the body. This treatment aims to restore the body’s natural balance and harmony. (Available upon request)Expecting-Mother-on-Massage-Table-web-copy-300x160