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Glycolic Peel/Anti ageing/Acne



Perfect treatment for this time of the year for clearing pigmentation and rejuvenating your skin!

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Profound skin care

Profound cosmetceuticals include the most superior alpha hydroxy available to skin today.It allows for maximum penetration delivering superior ingredients to a wide number of skin types and conditions. The primary action of profound is to repair,renew and to return skin texture to its former state.Our unique formulas deliver tired and tested results you can rely on. Glycolic is an ingredient in  the skin care that has changed the face of skin management because of its diverse properties. It has by its nature,the ability to alter the behaviour of kin so that it begins to function as it should. Glycolic has a very small molecular structure allowing it to penetrate the skin cells and take with it,its moisturising,skin lightening and deep exfoliating properties. The profound collections contain unique formulations that give maximum results safely without irritating the skin.


Skin consultation 15-30 minutes: During consultation your therapist will assess your skin to determine the best course of treatment most suited to you,as well as the best home care solution so that you can maintain your results long in to the future.

Profound Glycolic Peels:Dr.Nicolas J Daniello of New York developed the most effective Glycolic product on the market to date. Profound peels work on even the most complex skin types and concerns without any harsh side effects. Both men and women benefit from skin cell renewal.  Your therapist will advise the best course for you.consultation is essential!

Profound Gylcolic Peel Age Defying 30 minutes €70

The results are visible immediately. Collagen is renewed by stimulation of fibroblasts. Designed to address all signs of ageing; refines open pores,plumps out lines and wrinkles,improves skin hydration. The overall result is healthier, brighter more youthful looking skin.

Profound Glycolic Pell Acne and Scars 30 minutes with steam 45 minutes €90

Pores are clarified and more refined,spots are healed more quickly, oiliness is reduced.Scars are plumped with new collagen.Congestion is reduced,with fewer breakouts on acne and rosacea skin types.

With Steam: glycolic peel plus deep cleansing and removal of comedones (blackheads), de-clogs congested skin conditions,leaving a refreshed bright clear and radiant complexion.

Profound Glycolic Peel Pigmentation Treatment 45 minutes €90

Full glycolic treatment including concentrated ingredients to inhibit the production of melanin and lighten any dark spots or skin discolourations. The blend of lightening ingredients helps to break down pigmentation and a cocktail of B vitamins and minerals profoundly rejuvenates the skin. Skin will be calm and healed leaving it beautifully rejuvenated and more bright.

The Doctors Prescription Facial 60 minutes €75

Individually tailored to your skin condition on the day;this unique facial combines cosmeceutical results with profound deep relaxation and is suitable for all skin types. Nutrient rich doctors quality ingredients will leave the skin clarified,replenished and hydrated. The tissues are detoxified by a specialised Tissue Fluid Manipulation Technique TFM.

Profound Anti-Redness Facial 60 minutes €75

Tailored to your specific sensitive skin condition.Gentle calming cleanse,followed by the phenomenal tissue fluid manipulation massage to help reduce congestion which is often the root cause of high colour or rosacea. An application of vitamins including K,D,E is applied in a high concentration which helps to strengthen the capillary walls improving their elasticity while also reducing the skins transparency.

Gentle calming treatment includes a detoxing tissue fluid manipulation TFM, to help reduce lymph congestion which is often the root cause of high colour or Rosacea. The facial includes a concentrated anti-redness and skin defence vitamin application which to strengthen capillary walls improving their elasticity,while reducing the skins transparency.

Active Clear Skin Facial  60 minutes €75

Deep pore cleansing and clarifying facial for congested or dull complexions.Helps to prevent and cure breakouts.Leaves skin clean, clear and clarified,bright,relaxed and fresh. Cosmeceutical strength herbs and healing nutrients strengthen the skins ability to heal and renew. Brighter fresher clarified skin is yours-Men and woman.

Ultimate Eye Treatment 30 Minutes €50

Address the 5 signs of ageing,dark circles,puffiness,lines and wrinkles, pigmentation and loss of skin tone with this eye conditioning and rejuvenating treatment. An eye exfoliant is followed by a nourishing mask and a deep line massage will leave eyes refreshed,clear and bright with lashes conditioned and strengthen

Microdermabrasion €80

Microdermabrasion removes surface dead cells and debris to reveal fresher brighter skin.Experience this skin resurfacing with magnesium oxide crystals, immersed in therapeutic citrus oils to firm and tighten skin tissue. Finish with a skin cell drench of anti-oxidant rich vitamin A,E and K, plumped with fresh oxygen the skin is lifted and renewed.Includes entire face,neck and decollette.