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Skin Breeze Celebrity Facial – 5 Technologies in one

 A lovely review of our SkinBreeze Facial  by Orna Mulcahy from Saturday Times Magazine. 





This Brand new, Exclusive to Ireland and Dublin treatment incorporates the latest pain free technologies which can be combined and tailored to tackle a variety of skin concerns ranging from acne and blemishes to wrinkles and anti-ageing, appealing to both men and women. This amazing treatment has gained great popularity among the Celebrities!

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The benefits are;


Acne and Blemishes

Skin Brightening

Under eye brightening

Wrinkle reduction

Stretch marks and scar tissue

Skin Hydration and Sun Damage

Skin Rejuvenation

Smoker’s lip

Hand care

1 Treatment – € 150.00

Course of 6 – €750.00 Get one free.


This unique crystal-free technology offers precision controlled skin exfoliation. The procedure diminishes fine lines and imperfections to achieve a smoother and more radiant complexion.


Utilises the therapeutic properties of red light and blue light to calm the skin, neutralise bacteria and reduce redness in order to help tackle acne, blemishes and scar tissue.

Blue light calms the skin and destroys skin bacteria. Red light stimulates new tissue growth and cellular regeneration. Combined red and blue light at specific wavelengths is effective in the treatment of acne and blemishes.

RED Light

Speeds up cell renewal

Stimulates Collagen

Wound healing

Increases circulation



Soothing & Calming

Powerful antiseptic

Kills acne bacteria

Cools down inflammations

O2 Product Infusion

O2 Infusion delivers bursts of air to drive specially formulated  serums deep down into the skin to enhance the effectiveness of their active ingredients. This process rehydrates the skin, plumps and smooths lines and wrinkles, providing clients with a painless, needle-free alternative to dermal fillers.


Enhance product absorption

Plumps lines and wrinkles

Feeds and nourishes cells

Increase cell regeneration

Speeds up the healing process

Calms, soothes and heals the skin

Rejuvenates skin tissue

Results improve over 24-48 hours


The O2 Spray is a delivery application for liquid based products that have been developed to intensively hydrate and replenish skin moisture levels after microdermabrasion. A fine mist gently refreshes and calms irritated, sensitive and sun damaged skin.


O3 Ozone therapy has an anti-bacterial action on the skin that helps to heal acne and blemishes. The warm sensation generated by the Ozone therapy causes the collagen and elastin fibres to shrink producing a skin tightening effect.


Increases blood circulation

Improves lymphatic drainage and elimination of toxins

Reduces dark circles and puffiness around the eyes

Constricts enlarged pores

Stimulates cell renewal

Treats acne

Antibacterial/germicidal/antiseptic action

Promotes skin tissue healing

Treats cold sores

Stimulates collagen and elastin

Tightens and firms the skin

Softens lines and wrinkles


SKIN BREEZE Under Eye Brightening and Lifting Treatment – An Intensive Treatment designed to soften lines, reduce dark circles and puffiness, while reducing the eye fatigue – € 50.00

SKIN BREEZE Smoker’s Lip Treatment – Softens the appearance of the lines around the upper lip and plumps the skin tissue

for fuller looking lips – € 50.00

SKIN BREEZE Neck and Jowl Contouring – An Intensive treatment to sculpt and tighten the neck and jawline. – € 50.00

SKIN BREEZE Facial – Uses five Technologies in one treatment combining Orbital Microdermabrasion, LED Light Therapy, O2 Product Infusion, O2 Product Spray and O3 Ozone Therapy to leave your skin rejuvenated, radiant and younger looking – € 150.00

Buy a Course of 6 and receive One FREE – € 750.00


Why is Orbital Microdermabrasion so unique?

The handset has a combined LED and orbital skin resurfacing concept which is unique in the market.

There are 60 different peeling settings that can be used to tailor and control overall depth of peeling of your skin depending on your skin type and concerns. What this means is we can provide a very gentle peel for sensitive skins or a deeper peel for thicker sun damaged skin for example.

Who is this treatment for?

All the treatments are suitable for any adult with any skin types and concerns. You don’t have to have any skin concerns at all to have a treatment as even skin types with normal to perfect skin can benefit from a treatment.

What skin types is this treatment recommended for?

The treatments can be used on all skin types such as dry, oily, combination, normal, sun damaged, wrinkled, acne prone, sagging for example.

What skin concerns treatments be recommended for?

Here are some of the main skin concerns this treatment is suitable for:

Oily and congested large pores

Uneven skin texture

Uneven skin tone and discolouration

Dull skin

In growing hairs

Fine lines and wrinkles

Dead skin accumulation

Dry, dehydrated and sun damaged skin

Acne scarring and pitted skin

Scarring and Stretch marks


Dark circles, eye bags and under eye puffiness.

Smokers lips

Age spots, even skin tone and dehydrated hands

How many treatments do I need?

Ideally we recommend a course of 10 treatments performed twice a week to gain maximum benefits and results.

We recommend Orbital Microdermabrasion treatment only once a week however

How long do the results last for?

With a one-off treatment the results will last up to a week. For lasting results we recommend a course of treatments.

I have severe acne can I have the treatment?

Yes you can have a Acne Treatment, which will incorporate specific products and LED phototherapy to heal and soothe acne skins.

I have just come back from holiday and have sun damaged skin can I have the treatment?

This is the perfect time to have a treatment, it will remove all these dead skin cells and make your skin look new and healthier.

Is there any risks associated with the treatment?

Treatments should be avoided if you are pregnant, have a cardiac pacemaker, suffer from epilepsy, infectious skin disease and has had botox in the treatment area.

In what event is the treatment not advised?

Treatment is not advised if you have epilepsy, pacemaker, recent surgery, cancer, heart conditions, infected or damaged skin. Areas being treated with Botox, dermal fillers or semi-permanent makeup must be avoided. Pleas note that you need two months of rest after the Skin Breeze Treatment before you have botox, and three weeks before any fillers.